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Common questions and answers about CalOptima Health PACE

What will you do at the PACE Center?

Going to the PACE Center or an alternative care setting (ACS) depends on your needs and can vary from 1 to 5 times a week. Other PACE participants do not attend a day center at all, and services are given in their home. With PACE day services, you may receive medical care and social services. There are social and recreational activities, healthy meals and snacks, and the chance to spend time with others.

How do you get to and from the PACE Center?

Our transportation staff will pick you up and bring you to the PACE center or ACS, and then take you home when the program is over. We also provide transportation to medical appointments for specialists and other program activities.

Are my medicines covered by PACE?

PACE has Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage. If you enroll in PACE, you will get your Part D-covered drugs and all other necessary medicines from the PACE Center. When you are in PACE, you do not need to join a separate Medicare drug plan.

Do you have to change doctors?

Yes. Services are tailored to meet your individual health care needs and must be either pre-approved or obtained from specified doctors, hospitals, pharmacies and other health care providers who contract with PACE. Prior authorization is never required for emergency, preventive or sensitive services. Our staff will coordinate your health care to make it easier for you to see specialists.

How do you pay for PACE?

  • If you have Medicare and Medi-Cal (with no share of cost), all CalOptima Health PACE services are covered at no cost to you.
  • If you have Medicare and Medi-Cal (with a share of cost), you must pay your share of cost.
  • If you only have Medicare, you will need to pay a monthly premium to take part in PACE. You also need to pay your Medicare Part D premium.
  • If you only have Medi-Cal (with no share of cost), all CalOptima Health services are covered at no cost to you.

There are no co-payments or deductibles when you are enrolled at PACE. Please contact one of our enrollment coordinators at the number below for details.

Do you have to give up your In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS)?

Yes. PACE is designed to provide all your medical and social services that are necessary. Home Care services will be coordinated by PACE and provided in your home if it is included as part of your individual care plan (ICP). Please contact one of our enrollment coordinators at the numbers below for details.

What happens if you need to go to a nursing facility?

Our goal at PACE is to keep you out of a nursing facility as long as possible. If, at some point, you need to live in a nursing facility, PACE will continue to oversee your health care needs and visit you regularly.

Does your family have a say in your care at PACE?

Yes. You and your family participate in making your ICP and setting personal health goals. PACE supports your family members and other caregivers to help keep you at home for as long as possible.

What if you enroll in PACE and then move outside of the service area?

If you move out of the PACE service area, you will have to disenroll from PACE. However, there are PACE programs throughout the United States. Our staff will assist you in finding new health care services and provide you with a 30-day supply of medicines.

What if you are not satisfied with PACE?

We work very hard to keep our participants satisfied. If you are not happy with PACE for any reason, you can disenroll from the program.

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