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The purpose of CalOptima Health educational bulletins is to increase providers’ understanding of current treatment guidelines and recommendations on drugs, disease states, and medical conditions. Specific recommendations are made with each article on how to improve the quality of care for CalOptima Health members.

For more information about the CalOptima Health Pharmacy Program, please call Pharmacy Management at 1-714-246-8471.

July 2024: Importance of Statin Therapy 

June 2024: Over-the-Counter (OTC) Products at No Cost 

May 2024: Asthma Medication Ration (AMR) 

April 2024: Safe Medication Disposal in the Community 

March 2024: Follow-Up Care for Children Prescribed ADHD Medication 

February 2024: What's New With OneCare? 

January 2024: Improving Medication Adherence for Chronic Conditions 

December 2023: Drug-Disease Interaction Medications and Fall Risk in Older Adults 

November 2023: Pneumococcal Vaccine Update in Adults 

October 2023: Annual Flu Vaccine 

September 2023: Diabetes Quality Measures  

August 2023: Pediatric Psychotropic Polypharmacy 

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  • If you have questions, you can contact the CalOptima Health Pharmacy Management department Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. at 1-714-246-8471.
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Pharmacy Benefit Manager is MedImpact
  • MedImpact administers CalOptima Health's pharmacy program. It provides claims processing, pharmacy network management, prior authorization processing and drug utilization management services.

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