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To better fulfill our mission, CalOptima Health receives guidance from five advisory committees that reflect our member and provider communities. These committees meet regularly to make recommendations, review programs and explore issues. Appointed by the Board of Directors, the individuals serving on the committees represent a broad spectrum of interests and ideas. Welcoming this diversity ensures we hear from members and others who are essential in our health care delivery network.

Member Advisory Committee

Representing our diverse member population
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Whole-Child Model Family Advisory Committee

Guiding the transition of California Children’s Services
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Provider Advisory Committee

Gathering representatives from the full spectrum of health care
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Investment Advisory Committee

Providing expert advice and recommendations regarding investments
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Board of Directors Committees

CalOptima Health’s Board of Directors has two standing committees: the Finance and Audit Committee and the Quality Assurance Committee. Both committees are made up of at least three Board members.

Finance and Audit Committee

Provides oversight of all financial matters affecting CalOptima Health
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Quality Assurance Committee

Oversees CalOptima Health’s quality programs
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