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Community-Based Adult Services (CBAS) Frequently Asked Questions

Community-Based Adult Services (CBAS) Frequently Asked Questions

CalOptima received a request for you to get services through the Community-Based Adult
Services (CBAS) program. We want you to get the services you are eligible for. Please read the
questions and answers below to learn more about the CBAS program.

1. What is the Community-Based Adult Services (CBAS) program?

CBAS gives you important health care services at a local community center. This means you can stay where you live, and you don’t have to move to a nursing home.

2. What services can I get?

CBAS include:

  • Nursing services — to observe and monitor your health and medicines, and supervise your personal care
  • Personal care/social services — to help you with hygiene and other daily tasks
  • Physical therapy, speech therapy and occupational therapy
  • Meal service — to serve you at least one meal per day at the center
  • Transportation — to and from the CBAS center, as necessary

3. Who is eligible for CBAS?

To be eligible for CBAS, you must:

  • Be a CalOptima member
  • Be 18 years old or older
  • Have a physical, behavioral or memory problem
  • Need to live in a long-term care facility if you do not get CBAS services

4. How do I receive CBAS?

We want to make sure you get services you are eligible for and that we have all of the
information about your health. The steps below explain how we decide if you are eligible for

  1. Talk to your doctor or call CalOptima’s Customer Service department.
  2. CalOptima will schedule an in-person meeting with you to see if you qualify for CBAS.
  3. If you qualify, CalOptima will work with you to choose a CBAS center that best meets your needs.

5. What if I am not eligible for CBAS?

If you are not eligible for CBAS, our case management staff can work with you to find services
in the community to meet your health care needs.

6. Do I have to pay for CBAS?

No, CBAS services are covered by CalOptima.

7. Can I continue to see my Medicare provider if I receive CBAS from CalOptima?

Yes. If you have both Medicare and Medi-Cal, you can continue to see your Medicare providers
while receiving CBAS from CalOptima.

8. What if I have questions or problems?

If you have questions, please call CalOptima’s Customer Service department at 1-714-246-8500
or toll-free at 1-888-587-8088, Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. We have staff
who speak your language. TDD/TTY users can call 1-714-246-8523.

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